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What makes your résumé and cover letter stand out? Do you have a professional LinkedIn profile? Are you uncertain as to what career path or profession to pursue? Have you ever stumbled in an interview?

Whether you're changing careers, climbing the career ladder, or a recent college graduate you can benefit from our career services. We create polished résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that shine and help you master your interview presence. We also offer career planning services including identifying open jobs where you can thrive that meet your professional, geographic, and salary criteria.

We prepare you for the contemporary job market, so you're able to put your best foot forward every step of the way, culminating in a job offer. Master each step, beat the competition, and land your dream job!


Companies hire us to provide career transition services to their employees who are facing layoffs or retirement. We help dislocated and retiring employees at major manufacturing titans, software and technology companies, financial institutions, healthcare companies and other organizations, large or small, that need our services. We also provide comprehensive career services to spouses and/or partners including locating employment in new cities, job leads, networking and volunteer opportunities; resume writing and interview coaching; etc. Companies can be reassured that our clients achieve superior results in determining a new career path, and securing interviews and jobs with leading employers.

Our clients consistently get interviews and job offers with highly sought after employers across the country including the federal government, major universities, large medical centers, Boeing, Microsoft, Google, Nordstroms, Starbucks, Amazon, Swedish Medical Center, AT&T, T-Mobile, University of Washington, and other state and local governments, among many others.

Our highly-trained and expert résumé writers have master's degrees and experience working in Human Resources for major Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and state government.


"If you want to advance in your career, I would highly recommend Trusted Career Coach. I have used many of their services including resume writing, executive career services, career planning, interview coaching, and application preparation. I was so impressed by the quality of their work and the exceptional results achieved, I referred my husband and son to the company. We all received interviews and jobs in our chosen fields shortly after working with Trusted Career Coach. In addition to expertise in helping people find private sector jobs, they excel at helping individuals obtain government jobs. Both my husband and I secured senior positions for the government with the help of Trusted Career Coach." Lynn H.

"Just thought I'd touch base with you. Carolyn has accepted a new DON position. It's an excellent opportunity and met all her criteria. I can assure you that the work you did on her resume was a huge help in her getting this offer. We are relocating to San Angelo the 1st of May. Truly a blessing to have found you and engaged your services." Rob C.

"Just wanted to let you know I got the Job!!! I am so excited!! Thanks for everything!!! Again awesome resume!! Thank-you!!! You are AWESOME... I will definitely tell everyone about you and what a great job and personal service... hands down I would never go anywhere else!! Thanks again." Michelle P.

"I would highly recommend Trusted Career Coach. I am transitioning to a different career after many years as a police officer. Trusted Career Coach created two different resumes targeting very different careers. After submitting these resumes, I quickly obtained interviews for senior-level positions. Trusted Career Coach's resumes are of the highest quality and deliver results even for individuals who are seeking a new career path." Rich B.

"I'm applying for Boeing jobs - not easy to do. Your resume was perfect for Boeing positions. With your resume and cover letter, I'm confident I will get a Boeing job soon. Thank you so much." Tom C.

Contact us at 866-456-3493 to get started! Our rates are reasonable and competitive. We are a national company and serve all cities.

About Us

Trusted Career Coach and Resume Service (formerly CareerGator) are trusted leaders in providing professional résumé writing and career coaching services for all professions and career levels.

We offer cutting-edge career planning and job search strategies for job seekers at any level. We have a vast network of recruiters nationwide.

We conduct interview coaching and rehearsals enabling you to master your interview presence.

Our highly-trained and expert résumé writers have master's degrees and experience working in Human Resources for major Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and state government.

We offer world-class personalized customer service and high-quality products.

We work with clients in any location. Headquarters in Seattle, WA.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


  • Resume Writing
  • CV Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile and Video Resumes
  • Federal Government Resumes
  • Job Application Preparation
  • KSAs, KSA Statement
  • Application Supplemental Questions
  • Career Planning
  • Job Search for Openings with Leading Employers
  • Direct Resume Distribution or Mailing to Top Companies
  • Job Search Agents with Hiring Companies
  • Cover Letters and Thank You Letters
  • Reference Checking & Letters
  • Interview Coaching
  • Mock Interviews
  • College and University Search
  • College Applications
  • College Scholarships
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Company Profile Reports
  • Writing Business Plans